Ministries We Encourage & Serve

It is our desire to link arms with ministries that God has raised up in this hour to take care of our brothers and sisters, encourage warriors to continue the work of an evangelist, and to help heal the broken of heart...that our support would help them continue in the cause of Christ. The cause He declared in Isaiah 61.

Chaplain Emergency Response Team

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Pastor Doug Hanning and a team of chaplains stay on alert for emergencies to go minister during some of the most trying times. From accidents, to first responder losses, to fires, and natural disasters, they are on call day and night.

Bride of Christ International Ministries

Miss Pat Self...a Missionary to Many

God sent Miss Pat to our church to help tend the broken hearted. She has been a political rallys, numerous lunches as a listening ear, and gives words in season to many hearts in need. Her life is spent in faith before the Lord daily walking where He sends her. Her impact has set many captives free with Christ. She is a spiritual mother to many in our flock.

Shelly Wilson Ministries International

Writer, Speaker, & Psalmist

Shelly gives hope to the hopeless and encourages others to run the race with endurance, possess the land, and walk a set apart life with Christ. Her authentic relationship pours from a daily love life with Jesus and is evident on stage and off. She is often sharing stories of beautiful ways He speaks to make evident that He is a personal God who desires us to hear His voice. She shares prophetic poetry, songs penned in quiet, and messages to call the Church into an authentic walk with Christ laying aside every weight.

My Brother's Keeper

The ministry started out with a desire to let struggling people know that they were not forgotten and to meet the needs (dinner) of a few homeless people in our community one night a week. Since Thanksgiving 2011, the ministry has grown from finding fewer than ten guys and handing out a sack lunch, to meeting with hundreds of men and women every Saturday.

Good News Club

A precious team ministers to kids during an after school program through the Child Evangelism Fellowship of East Texas.

Gateway to Hope

At Hiway 80 Rescue Mission, we preach and teach the word of God while winning souls to Jesus Christ. We accomplish this by providing - food, shelter, clothing and the opportunity to hear and receive the Gospel.

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